Supporting Sustainable Impact, One Caring Interaction at a Time

The values that brought SYKES to the forefront of customer service are leading the way to support a more equitable and sustainable world.


SYKES takes its responsibility as a leading global employer seriously. Deeply committed to our people, operations and communities, we are continually aligning our efforts to make a difference as our employees around the world participate in volunteer initiatives under the global umbrella,
SYKES Gives Back:

Our People

Our People

We are passionate about guiding our people to be their best selves in their professional and personal lives — where our culture of belonging allows every employee to feel valued and able to grow.

Our Operations

Our Operations

We strive to put our best foot forward for our brand partners, while working to ensure a cleaner Earth

Our Community and Social Development

Our community and social development

We are committed to impact sourcing, where we foster economic development and generate high-quality jobs in communities around the globe

The Culture of SYKES: A Message From Founder John Sykes

John and Chuck Sykes

The whole idea of impact sourcing is doing good work, with good people and for a good cause.

When he started this company, my dad’s vision was to shape experiences and build opportunities through the simple act of helping people. Now, in my many years at SYKES, I have seen that play out in many ways: helping our customers, creating jobs and being on the ground floor of innovation. At the end of the day, if we take care of our employees, we take care of our brand partners. And if we take care of our brand partners, we can give back to our communities. And that is where our strength lies — in helping people, one caring interaction at a time.

SYKES’ Impact Hub initiative lives and breathes to help communities in need prosper. Whether that need is due to cultural shifts or simply a lack of opportunity, we’ve found that all it takes for people to thrive is a chance. We offer that chance by strategically establishing operations, expertly hiring and training true SYKES representatives, and paying what is often significantly higher than before. Not only does this make a positive impact in financially struggling communities, it cultivates a growing family I could not be happier to be a part of.

Caring interactions don’t stop or end with a phone call. They’re a part of our DNA. As we strive to make a bigger impact on a rapidly changing world, I take pride in the fact that our global impact will be a caring interaction, too.

– Chuck Sykes, CEO, Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated

SYKES’ Global Governance Council

The members of the Global Governance Council are committed to widespread social, environmental and economic change. By cultivating actionable programs and fostering social participation, the council strives to obtain carbon-neutral status, boost social mobility and encourage growth for every person.

SYKES Sustainability Council

SYKES’ 5-Year Sustainability Plan

SYKES 5-Year Sustainability Plan

UN Sustainable Development Goals

SYKES shares in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to foster an equal and prosperous planet.

UN Sustainable Development Goals
SYKES Social


SYKES is committed to social sustainability by fostering an equal, diverse and connected community where every employee feels valued and able to grow. Our collective global efforts create impactful social change through human rights campaigns, employee learning and development, a sharp focus on diversity, and local community initiatives.

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SYKES Environmental


SYKES is committed to helping the planet by promoting awareness, energy efficiency, and conservation and recycling programs. Each SYKES location around the world strives to become a local model for environmental sustainability by planting trees, reducing water use, using less paper, harnessing solar energy and encouraging personal responsibility.

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Empowering Economic Development in Our Communities
SYKES Economic


SYKES is committed to offering economic opportunities through job creation, skill enhancement and language proficiency. We work to ensure growth opportunities worldwide by working with local governments, educational institutes and community leaders in tandem with our own internal learning programs and impact hubs for creating economic prosperity.

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SYKES Standards of Conduct

SYKES Standards of Conduct

Learn more about SYKES’ expectations for stellar employee conduct, including:

  • Personal conduct
  • Safety & security
  • Client technology assets
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SYKES Awards


Read about SYKES’ awards for global sustainability measures.

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SYKES Newsroom


Stay up to date on SYKES’ news and commitments to an equal and sustainable world.

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Respect for human rights is fundamental to the sustainability of SYKES and the communities in which we have the privilege to operate. SYKES is committed to a culture of integrity, which mean that everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

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